The Benefits of Inclusive Collections

Collections are inclusive with a Credit Insurance Direct policy, but what are the benefits?  

Late payment is one of the most common complaints of businesses in the UK. Companies who suffer from late payment are not only victim to the downward spiral late payment causes due to reduced cash flow, but at serious risk of insolvency themselves.

One the many benefits of credit insurance besides the bad debt protection is the improved credit management procedures and reduction in late payment through the services offered by underwriters, such as collection services. With a Credit Insurance Direct policy, this service is completely inclusive and provided by global underwriter, Coface.

A collection agency is a business that will chase and collect a debt owed to you by a customer, taking the burden off your staff and giving you the piece of mind that your debt has the best chance of being recovered in the hands of professionals.

Coface Collections: The benefits

  • Online notification of debt – acts to both notify Coface of overdue payment in the event of a claimable situation and notification to start collection action.
  • Real time online updates on each debt – allows you to view how the collection department are proceeding with your debt as well as reporting on open/closed cases etc.
  • Global coverage and debt collection through direct presence and partnerships in 97 countries.

Coface collections will always strive to protect the relationship between you and your customers. They work completely on your behalf to recover as much debt as possible, supporting your financial planning and helping you manage your receivables more efficiently.

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