Fast, Reliable Credit Insurance - just a click away

Credit Insurance Direct is an exclusive bad debt protection product underwritten by Coface, one of the world’s leading credit insurers. It is specifically designed for businesses with a turnover of up to £10m and is available online.

Insurance is designed to protect against the unexpected. In the case of credit insurance it protects businesses against the consequences of non-payment by a customer due to insolvency or inability to pay, whether selling in the UK or overseas. We live in an uncertain world and a bad debt resulting from unpaid invoices can have a major impact on any business. Incorporating credit insurance into any credit management system can only benefit the prudent business. That is why we have developed Credit Insurance Direct – to enable businesses to obtain cover quickly and easily using our bespoke quoting system.

Credit Insurance Direct offers the following key features:

  • Get an instant quote for your business online
  • Confirm the cover on your top customers (Credit Limits)
  • A comprehensive package of bad debt protection and collection services all for a fixed price
  • UK based support available during normal business hours
  • Minimum forms, minimum fuss - simplicity itself

What is Credit Insurance?