The Essential Safety Net Bookmark and Share
After a number of years of the most benign risk environment, the global economy became a totally different place in the final years of the last decade. The crisis in the banking and financial markets spilled over into the wider economy and we saw the slowdown in many countries turn into recession. Significant increases in the number of insolvencies and defaults were witnessed across many trade sectors and countries, both in the OECD and emerging markets. Concerns over corporate non-payment and insolvency have been compounded by concerns over Sovereign debt, particularly in the Eurozone.
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The Year of the Zombie Bookmark and Share
Although this will be a disappointment to some readers we will not be discussing a revival of the Hammer House of Horror or the latest offering in the Twilight series. We are going to be looking at more earthly matters involving how businesses are faring in the current economic climate. We will be concentrating on businesses selling goods or services to other businesses on credit terms.
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