Quotes for turnover above £10m

Credit Insurance Direct has been developed specifically for businesses with a credit turnover up to £10m. It has been designed with the smaller business in mind, providing a quick and efficient way of buying cover without the need for a full credit management review.

For the larger business we understand that we need to adopt a different approach, as there may be a range of possible solutions to reflect the different needs of the business. By way of example, it is likely that a large business is more willing and able to accept a greater level of self-insurance, by way of a substantial excess. This will require a more tailor made approach to reflect the requirements of the business.

In order to properly advise large businesses on the options that may be available in the credit insurance market we will need to understand how the business approaches credit management and the specific needs of the business. We would therefore ask that you make contact with us in any of the following ways so that we can discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

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